Original Polyverse Creation : 2006

Cube Architect

Cube Inceptor

The Cube Director has been monitoring the World Wide Web for any Cube or Cone activity. When all else fails, this creator will prove that this polyverse is more than just a regular polyverse; it is hope.

Architect, master of cubes, and constructor of the second Polyverse. These skills are far superior than any normal human or robot. There is a myth, this creator was able to create the polyverse in one night.

Inceptor, master mind, designer, audio engineer, and creation expert of the second polyverse. This creator had originally started the second polyverse, and expanded it's horizons, not just with cubes and cones, but with love.

Who are the people that inspired the game? And who are the people behind the game?


A very long time ago in a polyverse very far away, there was a team that had concepted a world. Something unlike this world has seen. Created on the Monotech Power Game Unit, "CUBE", would overturn the game industry, and the internet all together. This team was none other than 'funnymovieinternet', in all their glory. In 2006, December 9th, they shocked the world when they shown what they could do. Now, more than a decade late, their story lives on; but, the polyverse is always changing.

Cube Director


Second Polyverse Creation : 2012

This story begain nearly six years after the original polyverse creation. It was then, when a small group of polypeople contacted the original team, to pick up where they started. Thus 'Neoteny' was born; and the start of the second polyverse creation: "Cube: Defender of the Polyverse". The second group had ambition and drive, but unfortunately had to disperce sometime mid 2013 due to non-polyverse reasons.

Current Cube Dev Team:

Sometime in the year 2014, all but three of the original memebers of the newly created 'Neoteny' continued production on the game, 'Cube: Defender of the Polyverse'. Throughout the next couple years, the polyverse fluxuated between progress and limbo. Since the team had been sent far across the polyverse in far locations, minimal communication has happened. It wasnt until 2016 when there was attempts to resurect the game to what you see today. But if Cube can survive 2 recreations and over a 10 years development lifespan, Cube can survive anything. 


Definition: to make something cute

Shout out to all the fans worldwide that helped to make this dream a reality. Anytime that we heard someone reference the original video or talk about the game, it truely warmed out hearts to see the impacts we've had on your lives, and to see this amazing idea set sail. Keep being awesome!


Thank you for the support!

Masters of the Polyverse